South Dakota wheat conditions vary

In southeastern South Dakota, Chet Edinger tells Brownfield 90% of his wheat acres have already been zeroed out and the winter wheat that’s left on the farm has been affected by hot conditions during critical growth stages.

“The adjusters are going to look at it soon. When first looked at that final field, they had adjusted it at 53 bushels/acre wheat the first part of April and early May,” says Edinger. “Now, that same field will adjust between 5 to 10 bushels/acre due to hot, dry weather since April.”

He says it will be a tough call for crop insurance adjusters and the wheat could be used for feed.

“That’s why adjusters are having us leave strips. If we salvage it for feed, to do a final adjustment on it once it’s mature.”

In south central South Dakota, Bryan Jorgensen says the winter wheat did a complete turnaround, emerged in the spring and should be ok. He says the spring wheat is flowering.

“Obviously the flowering period is really critical and if it’s too hot, above 90 to 95 degrees, that affects the pollination,” he says. “We’re almost through that on the spring grains. The crop can handle quite a bit after that as long as there’s moisture.”

The National Weather Service says there is a chance of rain in portions of South Dakota this weekend.

Photo: Bryan Jorgensen

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