South Dakota Farm Bureau President convinced he’s in the right business

The South Dakota Farm Bureau president is convinced he’s in the right business. Speaking to Brownfield Ag News during the recent 104th South Dakota Farm Bureau Convention, Scott VanderWal said he is happy to be the third generation on his eastern South Dakota farm but says it’s necessary to take what he calls the 35,000-foot view.

“There’s always ups and downs, there’s problems that come and go, there’s always something new, some big challenge,” said VanderWal, in an interview during the convention. “I guess that’s why not everybody does it.”

Now, surrounded by several grandchildren, VanderWal, who also serves as American Farm Bureau Vice-President, says he’s grateful to have raised his children on the farm, where one plants and fertilizes a seed hoping it grows.

“You can do all that work, and you still depend on nature and the Lord to make it work, and in the end, then you need to do your marketing and all those other things that it takes to stay in business,” he said, at the event held in Sioux Falls. “It’s a very complex business, but it’s always something new.”

AUDIO: Scott VanderWal

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