South Dakota evaluating the impact of changing the dicamba application deadline

South Dakota’s Secretary of Agriculture says the department is still evaluating the impact of the June 20 Dicamba cutoff date.  Hunter Roberts says early indications are that reports of drift were down, but then received quite a few phone calls the last couple of weeks. “Wo you know, we’re still doing our inspections and we’re still doing the report.”

As for the next steps, he tells Brownfield we’ll have some decisions and evaluations to make.  “To see what we’re going to do next year and to see if we’re going to do anything different,” he says.  “Generally, we heard good things about the change from producers, but you know we’re going look at the science, see what our investigations reveal and kind of what the numbers were, and make a decision from there.”

Roberts says he doesn’t anticipate any changes to the cutoff date for the 2024 growing season, but nothing can be confirmed until lab results are finalized.  He says he doesn’t expect any additional information before October.

AUDIO: Carah Hart’s interview with Hunter Roberts, South Dakota Department of Ag

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