South Dakota crops could use more rain

USDA says more than half of South Dakota’s crops are getting adequate moisture.

As of Sunday, the state’s moisture supply was 56% adequate, 3% surplus, 33% short, and 8% very short. Subsoil moisture needs more replenishing, as only 49% is adequate with 38% short, 11% very short, and just 2% surplus.

Fifty-eight percent of South Dakota’s corn is good or excellent. Sixty-three percent of the corn is silking, well ahead of the five-year average. Seven percent of the corn has reached dough stage.

Sixty-two percent of the state’s soybeans are blooming. The overall condition is 50% good, 6% excellent, 34% fair, and 8% poor.

Forty-six percent of the winter wheat crop has been harvested, behind last year but on par with the average. Twenty-one percent of the crop is rated good, with 8% excellent, 32% fair, 24% poor, and 15% very poor.

South Dakota’s oat crop is 39% good and 34% fair with 22% of the crop harvested.

Forty-nine percent of the sorghum has headed, well ahead of the average. Forty-five percent of the crop is reported as good, with 39% fair and 11% poor.

Sunflowers are 48% fair and 40% good with just one percent blooming.

Pasture and range conditions vary with 11% excellent, 45% good, 30% fair, 10% poor, and 4% very poor.

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