Some relief ahead for dry U.S. conditions

An agricultural meteorologist says there is some relief coming for the dry conditions between now and the New Year, but not every area of the United States will be treated equally.

Drew Lerner with World Weather Incorporated says the Upper Midwest into Canada can expect below normal precipitation and above normal temperatures in the short-term.

“Parts of the Upper Midwest will see some rain and snow, but will probably see more rain, because it’s been so warm in the region. We will end up getting better. It’s still December and as we move into the first of the year, we’ll continue to cool the atmosphere down.”

Lerner says that should bring more snow. In the Midwest, he says the situation will be mixed.

“We won’t have a lot of cold air this winter and we’ll have quite a bit of rain that will soak into the ground better and we won’t have to wait until the snow melt in the spring.”

Lerner says “there are still quite a few areas that need a good, general soaking. That includes Iowa, Missouri, areas of Nebraska and the Delta.”

But he says the soil moisture profile isn’t likely to be fully restored by the spring.

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