Some farmers plant deeper to find moisture this spring

Some farmers planted deeper than normal because of dry conditions this spring.

DEKALB/Asgrow agronomist Scott Johnson says you want to find consistent moisture in the soil profile at planting.

“So we’ve been encouraging growers to put (the seed) in a little bit deeper this year, trying to find that moisture. And for the most part I think we’ve been able to do that.”

He tells Brownfield there’s more to soil moisture variability than what is found in a weather forecast.

“In a situation like corn-on-corn where you’ve had maybe some more aggressive tillage, that tillage has dried out that soil profile (and) made finding that soil moisture tougher in those situations.”

Corn and soybean seedlings need to imbibe water to germinate.

Johnson covers northern Iowa and says there has been some uneven emergence because of dry soils.

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