Soil crust concerns as crops emerge across southern Minnesota

There are crop emergence concerns caused by wet planting conditions.

In south-central Minnesota, corn and soybean grower Sam Ziegler says he finished planting about a week and-a-half ago.

“Got everything in, can’t say that ground conditions were perfect when we put things in, but we got it in the ground. And thankfully we’ve had some on and off rains to make sure it gets through the crust and that type of stuff.”

He borrowed a rotary hoe from a neighbor to break up crusting.

“We got (the crop) in, but then we got that one or two 90-degree day that created some challenges but was able to get ahead of it because it wasn’t too wet necessarily overall. And we got out there and now the stand looks great.”

Ziegler tells Brownfield corn development is behind so he’s hoping for some heat to help the crop catch up.

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