Small Refinery Exemption battle rages into 2021

Biofuels groups continue to challenge outstanding small refinery exemption requests.

Growth Energy’s Chris Bliley tells Brownfield the EPA has yet to act on 66 SRE petitions while refusing to release the names and locations of the refineries involved.

“We’re going to continue to stay vigilant and continue to push at every turn on the transparency, and to ensure that the (RFS) program does what it’s supposed to do to blend more renewable fuels.”

Growth Energy and the Renewable Fuels Association recently filed a complaint in U.S. District Court arguing EPA and the Department of Energy owe it to the public to be more transparent.

“We’ve tried to seek these through the (Freedom of Information Act) process, and EPA has even proposed twice to make just the basic information of name and location of refineries public. But yet have been unwilling to do so.”

Growth Energy also filed a notice in the Federal Register this week requiring EPA to make a decision on a 2019 SRE petition by February 19th.

CEO Emily Skor says EPA’s swift action remains critical to providing stability for biofuel producers and farmers.

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