Showing the added value in US soybeans

The United States Soybean Export Council wants to create a preference for US soybeans on the global market.

Jim Sutter, CEO of the USSEC says US soybeans are often more expensive than others on the global market and have less crude protein.  But, he says there are other attributes to US beans that give them a competitive advantage, and now customers around the world can see how much added value US beans have with the new Nutrition Value Calculator.  “It takes all of these different factors and it utilizies the least-cost formulation tool that the livestock producers in whatever country around the world is using, and it allows them to plug in soy from different origins,” he says.                     

He says it the calculator allows customers to visualize the value of the nutritional advantages of US soy. 

“The amino acid factors, the energy levels, the factors that make US soy different from other origins,” he says.  “It plugs all these into this nutrition tool and shows them in dollars and cents terms which soy they ought to buy.”

AUDIO: Jim Sutter, USSEC

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