Shortage of shipping containers still an issue for ag manufacturers

Shipping container shortages are preventing one of the world’s largest ag manufacturers from fulfilling customer orders. 

Leif Magnusson, senior vice president of the Americas with CLAAS, tells Brownfield after nearly a year-and-a-half since COVID-19 began, supply is still not meeting demand. “As companies were planning for demand, I think they were cautious in their planning, and I think that communication to suppliers that they were going to see some curtailment in manufacturing.” 

He says the company has tried to use other points of entry besides east or west coast ports. “Not only was there a higher demand for the port of Montreal to manage those containers but they also had some labor issues with strikes and other things that really put a damper on or really timely delivery there as well.”

He says CLAAS is short anything from tires to electronic chips and the price of steel is also a factor.

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