SHIC director says African swine fever spreads like “volcanic lava”

The director of the Swine Health Information Center compares the spread of African swine fever to volcanic lava.

Dr. Paul Sundberg says the virus continues to move throughout Asia and Eastern Europe.

“It moves rather slowly, but it’s going to burn everything that it comes into contact with. And that’s really what goes on.”

He tells Brownfield that won’t change until a vaccine is available, which Sundberg says is still a way’s off.

“Probably gauge that, measure that in at least months if not years, versus weeks.”

He says there’s a vaccine being used in China that causes infection in pigs and kills some of them.

“That’s not the kind of vaccine that we want.”

Sundberg is encouraged by other vaccines in development, but says none of them have been able to prevent infection so far.

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