Several ethanol priorities remain for corn farmers

Central Ohio farmer Kelly Harsh says upholding the Renewable Fuel Standard remains a top priority for corn farmers.

“Forty percent of the corn crop in the U.S. goes to ethanol production,” she says.

The RFS won’t run out at the end of 2022 when it resets, but the EPA will determine annual volumes beginning in 2023.

Harsh says the Next Generation Fuels Act, which builds on the success of the RFS, is also top of mind.

“The RFS has been great for corn farmers and we’re hopeful for new legislation, which points out the great environmental benefits of ethanol,” she says.  

Northwest Ohio farmer Patty Mann says growers are also supportive of a blender pump fuel credit.

“For retailers that would install blender pumps, there’s a tax credit for the installation,” she says. “…The more pumps we get installed the more ethanol we can sell, and the more corn we can grind.”

Brownfield spoke to Harsh and Mann at the Celebration of Ohio Corn and Wheat.

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