September will be an important month for soybeans

An extension soybean agronomist says September will “make or break” soybeans this year.

Purdue University’s Shaun Casteel says August would typically be the most important month for soybean growth, but that’s not the case this year.

“We’re just now getting into pod setting period in R3-R4 and so we have a lot of development left to do,” he says. “When I say September is going to make or break it, it’s about those pods that we’re developing now that hopefully retain through August and start to fill out.”

He tells Brownfield that soybeans need warm and sunny conditions in the coming weeks.

“As September rolls around I want good temperatures with sun, not just cloudy weather,” he says. “I’m asking for it all and I think everyone else wants it too, so let’s get some soil moisture to go with it.”

And because soybeans were planted later, growers are still making management decisions.

Casteel’s advice is to continue to scout fields.

“Farmers and their consultants should be scouting their fields to see if they need any sprays done whether its fungicide, insecticide, or micronutrients,” he says. “Let’s just be scouting fields and taking tissue samples for the nutrients.”

He says because many soybeans won’t be maturing until October, growers should have equipment ready and be ready to dry the crop if needed.

Audio: Shaun Casteel, Purdue University

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