Senator Thune says Biden needs to change direction & look at biofuels

Senate Republicans are urging the Biden administration to change its course on energy and economic policies.

Senator John Thune from South Dakota says the new consumer price index shows a 7.9% increase in consumer costs, including fuel and food.  “Biodiesel, higher blends of ethanol like E15 are all available to displace Russian oil, in fact, a gallon of ethanol this week was as much as $1.20 a gallon less than traditional gasoline translating into higher discounts at the pump as the ethanol blend gets higher.”

Thune says biofuels are a clear solution and can support the ag industry, lower fuel costs for families, and increase energy independence. “Their obsession with electric vehicles eclipses everything else including solutions that not only would help Midwestern farmers, lower costs for consumers, but also reduce emissions.”

Thune says the Biden administration just doesn’t seem interested. “They need to get interested and get interested in a hurry because their policies are hurting American families, hurting American farmers.”

Thune was one of several Senate Republicans criticizing the Biden administration’s policies during a Thursday press conference.

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