Seed rep: Indiana 2017’s worst for planting difficulty

Parts of the Corn Belt have dried out after too much rain earlier in the planting season.  Stine seed sales director Michael Smith tells Brownfield Ag News this is the most difficult season he’s seen in his two decades in this business.  He doesn’t hesitate when pinpointing the worst difficulty.

“Just from the sheer number of replants and the difficulty in getting product to where it needs to be, from my estimation, I would say that Indiana’s probably the worst, Central Indiana, that I have seen,” said Smith, who directs Stine Seed sales east of the Mississippi River, but was speaking about the Corn Belt at large.

He says seed distribution has kept up in the face of frequent replanting, but certain situations near Indianapolis were not easy.

“They replanted corn once, and then they had to go back with soybeans,” said Smith, “and these are unplanned soybeans; that’s where the difficulty comes in.”

Smith spoke to Brownfield at a Balance GTLL Soybean Experience Tour event near Forrest City, Arkansas.

AUDIO: Michael Smith, Stine Seed (3 min. MP3)

  • I purchased my seed from Bluegrass seed in Bardstown Ky. I order them early and pay for them to get the biggest discount I had no problem getting my corn seed but the beans were a different story if hadn’t been sick back when planting season started I wouldn’t have waited for the stine soybean seed to get there I would have planted another brand seed something that I haven’t done in years but after this year I am considering ordering at least some other seed from another company I feel like that beings I pay early my seed should be delivered to my dealer early also this isn’t the first time iv had this problem but the last several years everything has come in in plenty of time so the speech this rep. tells about the early orders being filled fine is a straight up lie as far as I’m concerned

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