Golden Harvest encouraging performance over price

A soybean specialist recommends not solely basing seed selections this year on price.

“Your seed purchase is potentially is one of the most important purchases you will make for the entire season.  Don’t be lured into a price point that may not give you the best return on investment.”

Golden Harvest soybean product manager Dennis Storm tells Brownfield there are a lot of farmers who haven’t made planting decisions yet because of the wet, late end to harvest and recommends reviewing historical disease pressures to identify the best fit.

He says Golden Harvest had more top preforming varieties in independent 2018 research trials done by Farmers’ Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST) than Asgrow and Pioneer combined.

“Across the Corn Belt, we had 41 top three finishers in 2018.  When you look at the industry market share leaders, our 41 beat their performance combined.”         

Storm says 17 new varieties will be added to their portfolio in 2019.

AUDIO: Brownfield interview with Dennis Storm

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