SD Congressman says U.S. Speaker election takes priority

A U.S. Congressman from South Dakota says don’t expect any work on the farm bill until a new Speaker of the U.S. House has been elected.

Dusty Johnson tells Brownfield the last three weeks have been chaos and there’s a lot of unpredictability in the upcoming vote.  

“We haven’t been able to make progress on the farm bill. We haven’t been able to make progress on agricultural appropriations. We’re 30 days away from a government shutdown and we continue to be mired in D.C. parlor games. I think that contributes to the unpredictability that people are so frustrated it’s hard to get everyone on the same page.”

Johnson says candidate Jim Jordan from Ohio might not have supported ethanol or previous farm bills, but…

“The farm bill doesn’t get done, because the Speaker of the House is a big fan of it. The farm bill gets done because it has to get done and it gets strong bipartisan support from each of the House.”

Another vote on U.S. House Speaker is expected to happen this morning.

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