SD cattle producer’s pastures hit hard by drought

A South Dakota row-crop farmer and cattle producer says like his crops, his pastures have been hard hit from the drought.

Trent Kubik, in south-central South Dakota, tells Brownfield his pastures didn’t have much of a start anyway, “Our cows have been on them and grazing them pretty hard. I think you don’t have to take a drive very far to the northern part of the state to realize we’re pretty fortunate that our pastures have maybe a month left in them, we’re hoping maybe a month-and-a-half left in ‘em.”

He says some rain MIGHT perk them back up, “We’re not to the point yet where we’re pulling cows out of pasture but early weaning is definitely – I think that’s something that’s going to happen in a big way just to take some pressure off those pastures.”

Kubik says they’re hopeful for more rain but not counting on it.

~Photo by SDSU Extension~

Interview with Trent Kubik ^^

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