SCOTUS rejects meat industry lawsuit against Prop 12

The Supreme Court of the United States had rejected a challenge by the North American Meat Institute against the country’s strongest law addressing animal confinement.

The high court gave no explanation Monday for their decision to uphold California’s Proposition 12, which bans the confinement of egg-laying chickens, mother pigs and calves used in the veal industry.

Proposition 12 was approved by 63 percent of California voters in 2018 and NAMI field a petition against the law with the support of 20 other states.

Proposition 12 also prohibits the sale of meat products that don’t conform with the state’s animal housing standards. NAMI was challenging the sales ban on veal and pork not raised according to those standards.

The law also prohibits the sale eggs, pork and veal from facilities that confine animals in cages.

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