SCN Coalition reinvented

Increasing resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN) has brought a coalition of researchers together to once again battle the yield robbing pest.

Marisol Quintanilla with Michigan State University tells Brownfield 20 years ago the first coalition was formed to help develop SCN resistant soybean varieties, but just like with herbicide resistant weeds, SCN is building resistance.

“Like 94 percent of the samples sent in actually have an increased reproduction to PI 88788 and are no longer considered resistant.”      

Quintanilla says SCN has adapted to weather conditions, easily over winters and can persist for nearly a decade in the soil.

“We are not thinking that we can eliminate this problem, at least not at this moment with what we know, but yes, we can management it and have high yields despite them.”   

Besides rotating soybeans with resistant varieties, Quintanilla recommends regularly alternating crops and management practices.

Her research involves rotating soybean resistant varieties, seed treatments and manure applications.

AUDIO: Interview with Marisol Quintanilla

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