Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has worsened supply chains for farmers around the globe

Roman Grynyshyn_KH_Ukraine_UNL

Roman Grynyshyn, founder of a non-profit organization providing resources to farmers, says producers in Ukraine can’t afford to replace livestock or equipment stolen by Russian troops. “There were cases when Russian’s just simply slaughtered the pig and took the best meat and the remaining body or crops of this pig was poured with diesel so nobody would be able to use it.”

And, he says, “A lot of sheep and cattle were taken live on the takes to Russia.  We wouldn’t be able to say what machinery or what type of tank that is because a lot of things (have) been stolen from Ukraine like animals were just tied on top of the tank.”

Grynyshyn says supply chain disruptions are raising the price of food. “The only thing that people are tying to plant as much as possible this year for the reason is that they may not be able to afford to buy these commodities in the supermarket.  We have the supply, but it might be too expensive.”

The “World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine” is a non-profit organization that’s meeting with farmers, agribusinesses and land grant university extensions in the U.S. to provide resources for producers.

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