‘Right-to-repair’ debate continues

Brownfield’s Ken Anderson interviews Western Equipment Dealers Association CEO John Schmeiser at the Western Farm Show in Kansas City.

The debate continues over farmers’ right to repair their own farm equipment. 

John Schmeiser, CEO of the Western Equipment Dealers Association, says “right-to-repair” is a misnomer.  He says it’s more about “right-to-modify”.

“The EPA has some standards on Tier 4 engines and the right-to-repair leaders are kind of looking at ‘what can we do to modify our equipment to get around some of those standards’,” Schmeiser says. “We take a strong position that that’s not in the best interest of the customer, their equipment, or the industry.”

Twenty-two states are currently considering right-to-repair legislation.

“Bottom line is, a customer does have the right to repair their equipment right now. But the industry is strongly against any right-to-modify, to get away from EPA standards,” Schmeiser says.

Brownfield interviewed Schmeiser at the Western Farm Show in Kansas City.

AUDIO: John Schmeiser
  • It is already illegal to modify emissions equipment. Farmers want Right to Repair because they want to work on their own equipment not because they are looking to void their warranty. The dealers see the money they will loose when any repair shop has access to the computer software to fix the equipment and they no longer hav a monopoly. They are not looking out for the farmer at all, only themselfs. That is why they are spending so much money fighting Right to Repair.

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