Rice acres higher, cotton lower

U.S. rice acreage is up on the year, while cotton is down.

The USDA says 2.687 million acres of rice were planted, most of that long grain, an increase of 465,000 on the year, including a solid year-to-year jump in Arkansas, the top long grain state, while California nearly doubled medium grain acres. Harvested area for all types of rice is seen at 2.645 million acres, compared to 2.172 million in 2022.

Upland cotton totaled 7.132 million acres, a decrease of 19%, largely due to a big decline in the top state of Texas due to drought.

The USDA’s next set of production numbers is out July 12th.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Rice: Planted: 1.311 million acres, compared to 1.106 million in 2022; Harvested: 1.291 million acres, compared to 1.084 million a year ago; Cotton: Planted: 480,000 acres, compared to 640,000 last year

Kansas: Cotton: Planted: 170,000 acres, compared to 165,000 last year

Missouri: Rice: Planted: 195,000 acres, compared to 155,000 in 2022; Harvested: 190,000 acres, compared to 149,000 a year ago; Cotton: Planted: 380,000 acres, compared to 360,000 last year

Tennessee: Cotton: Planted: 310,000 acres, compared to 335,000 last year

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