Rethinking fertility programs

An agronomist is challenging farmers to step outside of the box when it comes to fertilizer application. Precision Planting research agronomist Cory Muhlbauer wants farmers to rethink their fertility programs.  

He tells Brownfield Precision Planting has focused their research on the impact of putting fertilizer on the planter.  “Starter fertilizer and nitrogen can change not only yield opportunity, but fertilizer use efficiency,” he says.  “And we’ve really been digging in on how that impacts the whole nutrient program that a farmer with his fertilizer agronomist puts together.”

Muhlbauer says for years farmers have been applying fertilizer in the fall and utilizing a build and maintain program.  But, he says that system is inefficient.  

“We’ve found that you can reduce your soil build targets, and the amount of dry fertilizer that you’re broadcasting in the fall and actually still increase yield,” he says.  “It’s a fertilizer savings and higher yield can come from that.”  

And, he says, their research has shown the profit potential can increase anywhere from $50 to $60 per acre just by changing up the nutrient application.  

AUDIO: Cory Muhlbauer, Precision Planting

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