Researcher says watch for white mold in soybeans now

The University of Wisconsin’s soybean specialist says the crops look very good, but it’s time to be on the lookout for white mold. Shawn Conley says, “As this weather dips this next week, it’s going to be pretty conducive weather for white mold.”

Shawn Conley tells Brownfield soybean growers need to pay attention to the weather and get out and spray if conditions raise the risk of white mold. “If it’s ninety-plus degrees out there, the odds of getting white mold are going to be less than if we have these nice, comfortable days like we did yesterday. We’re in the ’70s during the daytime, maybe the low ’80s, and cool down to the ’50s and ’60s at night, that’s just beautiful white mold weather.”

Conley recommends using the free Sporecaster and Sporebuster smartphone apps developed by University of Wisconsin crop pathologist Damon Smith to help with spraying decisions.

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