Report highlights sustainability achievements of U.S. soy growers   

The soy checkoff has released a report highlighting environmental achievements made by U.S. soybean growers.
Mace Thornton, vice president for communications and marketing with the United Soybean Board, discusses the U.S. Soy Sustainability Overview report.

“We know that over the years U.S. soy farmers have really made tremendous progress in sustainability. Between the years 1980 and 2020, conservation efforts have skyrocketed. The efficiency of land use has increased about 48 percent per bushel, irrigation water use efficiency has increased 60 percent per bushel, and energy use has increased about 46 percent per bushel,” he says. “Greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by 43% per bushel, soil conservation has increased by about 34 percent per acre, and overall soybean production in this country has increased by 130 percent. That means roughly the same amount of land isproducing a lot more soybeans.”

He tells Brownfield farmers are making the improvements a reality by implementing sustainability best practices including no till, cover crops, and crop rotation.

“They also know that not only are these practices sustainable, but they also help maximize yields while also capturing carbon from the atmosphere,” he says. “Advances in technology as we go down the road, such as precision farming equipment and drones, is always going to help bring our sustainable profile to a higher level

He says USB is sharing the findings with sustainability-minded professionals in environmental, food, and other sectors to help enhance the reputation of U.S. soy. And, farmers mentioned in the report will continue to share their stories of what they’re doing on the farm to remain productive and sustainable.

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Representing the positive global human impact of soy grown in the United States, the U.S. Soy brand exists to carry forward soy’s promise to transform global nutrition, provide climate-forward solutions, and support progress for people and their communities.

United Soybean Board’s 78 volunteer farmer-leaders work on behalf of all U.S. soybean farmers to achieve maximum value for their soy checkoff investments.

  • A very good article and excellent report on the metrics around the continuing sustainability efforts of farmers across the U.S. Farmers continue to improve the many aspects of growing food for the world. Well done USB and Mace Thornton, and well done Brownfield Ag News.

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