Report: consumers not familiar with cell-based meat

Consumers aren’t familiar with cell-based meats, according to a new report by the International Food Information Council.

Ali Webster is the director of research and nutrition communications for the council.  

“Broadly, there is a low level of familiarity with cell-based meat as well as cell-based dairy,” she says. “One third of people in our survey had never heard of cell-based meat and more than 40 percent said they had never heard of cell-based dairy.”

She tells Brownfield even though cell-based meat is not available on US market, the council wanted to gauge people’s openness to trying cell-based options.

“What we did is we posed a theoretical situation where the survey taker was confronted with a choice between a traditionally-raised meat product and a product that looks, tastes, and costs the same but is made from cell-based technology,” she says. “…Nearly three out of four people said they would choose the traditionally-raised option.”

Nearly half of survey respondents said they would pay more for their preferred option.

More than one thousand American adults were surveyed in the International Food Information Council’s survey.

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