Remaining corn harvest could be a struggle

An extension corn specialist says later maturing corn is becoming more difficult to harvest.

Recently retired Bob Nielsen with Purdue University tells Brownfield corn dry down is normally challenging in October and more winterlike weather will continue to limit that process.

“Unfortunately we had fields that were not black layering until, say, the first week of October, and then they simply experienced normal October temperatures, and so they’ve been drying extremely slowly, if at all,” he explains.

Nielsen says the quality of Indiana’s last 40 percent of corn not yet harvested is at risk as reports of ear rot and other diseases increase.

“Do your best to harvest as soon as you can and either take the lumps at the elevator or spend the money on yourself on drying,” he suggests.

He says the number of good harvest days remaining is quickly dwindling and farmers should prioritize fields with weaker corn stands as they move forward.

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