Real Pork highlighted at the National Pork Forum

The CEO of the National Pork Board is highlighting the Real Pork trust and image brand during the National Pork Forum.

Bill Even says it’s not an advertising campaign.

“It’s really the brand image of who we are as an industry going forward,” he says. “We’re real farmers on real farms that have real pigs that produce real pork, and that pork is real nutritious and real sustainable.”

He tells Brownfield about the three beliefs of Real Pork.

“Real Pork is based on some research the Pork Checkoff conducted last year. When you sift through all of the information that consumers tell us about consuming pork and how they feel about farming, three things really emerged: pork is an important part of a balanced nutritious diet; pig and crop farming is sustainable; and the ethical treatment of people and animals is key to a resilient food system. All the questions consumers have about what we’re doing on our farms really can be put in those three buckets. We have our We Care ethical principles as the foundation for answering those questions that consumers have.”

Even highlighted three families exemplifying Real Pork.

“The Stevermer Family out of Minnesota were highlighted from the nutrition standpoint. They’re active raising hogs and crops and they’re also very active physically. Dale Stevermer has run five marathons and understands why pork, as a nutrient-dense product that’s full of protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential ammino acids gives him the fuel he needs to compete,” he says. “Second, the Langdon Family out of North Carolina for sustainability and environment. They raise over 20,000 pigs and have won numerous environmental awards for the stewardship of not only their animals, but the land and wildlife around them. The third piece is the Brinker Family out of Missouri for the ethical treatment of people and animals. The Brinkers have 8 team members on their farm, some of which have worked with the farm for more than 20 years. When you talk to the Brinkers they’ll tell you if you treat your people right, they’ll treat the pigs right. It’s part of that circle of stewardship that these folks exemplify. These are all active family farm pork producers in the United States.”

The National Pork Forum continues through Friday.

Even says a little over 150 producer delegates from across the country are voting on and bringing forward issues they would like the Pork Checkoff to work on as shareholders of the industry. A Pork Act Delegate Session and National Pork Producers Council Delegate Session will take place Friday.

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Audio: Bill Even

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