Rain will benefit cool season grasses

Extension specialists with the University of Missouri say recent rains and short-term August weather forecast should benefit cool season grasses.

“I think we’re already starting to see recovery.”

Regional Agronomy Specialist Rusty Lee says 40% of the growth for cool season grasses happens in the fall and a nitrogen application in the next two weeks can jumpstart fescue growth.

“A producer today has an opportunity to spend up to $40 per nitrogen per acre and pick up the equivalent of one big round bale.”

Lee says with today’s hay prices, that is a positive. Livestock Field Specialist David Hoffman says producers should avoid grazing livestock on the green grass.

“They’ve already been stressed all summer long and grazed down close to the ground. If the producer is able to do it, rest is key to success and longevity of our forage.”

Lee says producers can also start planting cereal rye, wheat or triticale now for fall grazing or to capture additional forages ahead of winter.

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