Rain brings renewed optimism for Missouri crops

Farmers in north-central Missouri say the soil is soaking up the week’s rains and there’s renewed optimism for the crops.

“Crops and soils were needing a drink really bad.”

Brandon Thiel from Malta Bend tells Brownfield the more than 4 inches of rain that fell the first week of August should help soybean pods fill.

“It’s no secret a wetter, cooler August is definitely going to drive soybean yield and the crop is still flowering to an extent, putting on new pods. If the weather continues like it is, we could have a pretty decent soybean crop around here.”

Clint Prange from Shelbyville says his farm got a 1.5-inch rain during the week, the first good rain since late June and the corn needed it.

“It blew me away how long the crop had held on and that week of 100 plus-degree temperatures really pulled things back,” says Prange. “I think we’ll have added weight to the kernels for the crops that are still coming along.”

He says there are several acres of corn that didn’t make it to August in neighboring counties and that crop will become a crop insurance claim. Prange also says these early August rains should also help late season grasses.

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