R-CALF says 63-k sign Mandatory COOL petition

R-CALF USA says it has more than 63-thousand signatures urging President Trump and Congress to immediately pass Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling for beef, pork and dairy products.

R-CALF CEO Bill Bullard says Mandatory COOL (MCOOL) would include imports, unlike the previous voluntary country of origin labeling, and would  “strengthen national food security and help stimulate economic growth.”

Bullard says although beef suffered a setback in 2015, all fruit, vegetables, fish, chickens, goats, lambs and nuts are still required to have their origins on labels.

He encourages cattle producers and consumers to sign the petition at and says all information will be kept confidential.

The number of petition signatures more than doubled over the weekend.

  • Please don’t tell or ask our farmers to dump milk, abort livestock and get rid of livestock ready for slaughter. Do not continue to force farmers to plow under vegetables. We don’t want foreign meat in the USA.
    Stop threatening our food and water supply so that other countries or even some of our own leaders can control us with hunger.

    • No one is “forcing” the farmers to do anything. The industry is not adapting to the new logistics of delivery and changing customer base. Some progress is being made by individuals who are re-routing delivery from restaurants food banks. Farmers can’t store milk very long, it’s gotta be delivered to a customer. In a time of crisis the Trump administration is crumbling to the demands of this pandemic.

  • No More Food, Medications or Medical Supplies From Communist China. We demand to know what country all of our produce/food that we consume comes from..regarding meat, where it was born, raised, slaughtered and processed…everything USA. We can not jeopardize our health to Communist China or any country that hates America!


  • We need our beef to come from the USA! Our farmers and ranchers are suffering from the market going so low. Take care of our own people working hard to take care of our own.

  • We need a country of origin on all our food products. Do not import meat, pork, fish, chickens, or vegetables from other countries. We can grow our own in the USA without help from other countries!
    I porting all this stuff is ruining us!

  • As a citizen and consumer I demand that we consume all beef and vegetables and dairy that is produced in our country
    Im starting to think our leaders are acting too much like Cuban leaders .
    Government first want to take our guns and now with the corona virus pandemic and waisting our hardworking farmers and cattleman’s esencial products ,
    By sending people a third of what they can earn if they we’re working helping each other to survive,
    The government will create more lazy people just like with food stamps.
    That’s my opinion of what’s going on as an immigrant of 40 years I still believe in this great country if we don’t ever give up and keep thriving until we die!
    God Bless !!

  • OMG I was so incredible sad to hear that milk was being dumped and farm animals killed… are you kidding me . I am not going to order another damn thing from China and I need you to please be the President we all are praying and hoping that you are. Saying whats on your mind and pushing our country for success. Sign an EXECUTIVE ORDER to get the Ranchers, Dairy farmers, Turkey and chicken Ranchers back to work feeding our Country!!

  • President Trump – I can’t believe this is going to really happen or is happening. America First – and we need America produce (milk, eggs, beef)…..we have suffered enough from foreign countries bringing sickness and disease into our country. We don’t need beef or anything from another country especially China or a country you can’t even pronounce their name!

  • I agree,, please President Trump,, there has to be the good old USA ON OUR BEEF PRODUCTS, veggies & other food types. If possible have a meeting with the ranchers of America & listen

  • Our farmers need to produce, and sell their products to keep our economy stable.
    Make America Great Again.
    No imported meat, buy AMERICAN!!!!!!! ????????
    Please help today

  • Wake up America we are following blindly and giving up our freedom this cannot happen we have to stay independent
    Our right to produce our own food and not to rely on other countries. Fight for our freedom the way our for father’s did this is America open your eyes listen read

  • Please don’t tell or ask our farmers to dump milk, abort livestock and get rid of livestock ready for slaughter. Do not continue to force farmers to plow under vegetables. We don’t want foreign meat in the USA.
    Stop threatening our food and water supply so that other countries or even some of our own leaders can control us with hunger. We’re counting on you President Trump to sort out those needless waste. I have supported you all through your presidency. Don’t let us down!

  • To President Trump, Senators , House Of Representatives, Judges and all other politicians that are in Washington to work for the people that pay them to make good decisions,keep our people secure, prosperous, content, and well fed:
    I LIKE TO EAT!! I NEED TO EAT IN ORDER YO LIVE!! My food supply depends on USA farmers and ranchers who spend all their days raising healthy and nutritious food products. They could feed the entire world and love doing it for life! Our nation’s livestock, grain, vegetable and fruit growers do their all to comply with government regulations, but lately because of the COV19 problem, we are in danger of losing our food supply. This is a most basic human need and it needs to be restored to a well working arrangement! America needs it’s farmers and growers!
    Congress- leave our food supply alone! There may be glitches, persons catching a virus, lows in demand; but things are about to switch back to a normal way of life. STOP SHORT SIGHTED, REACTIONARY LAWS!! YOU ARE TRYING TO TIGHTEN PERFECTIINISTIC CONTROL ON US SOCIETY – QUIT IT!! ALLOW OUR LIFESTYLES TO RETURN TO BUYING, SELLING, BANKING, MEETING, STUDYING, CHURCH / TEMPLE FELLOWSHIPING, AND FREEDOM TO BE EATING AS MUCH AS WE WANT OF GOOD FOOD AT HOME OR IN PUBLIC RESTAURANTS! We have complied with the varied Governmental advise and rulings, whether it made a difference or not… Now it’s time to resume life as we like it. That includes a bounty of USA foods!

  • If you want keep America strong, buy things manufactured or produced right here in the USA. I want my produce, fruits, dairy and meats I consume to be raised or farmed here in the USA. I want to be able to read origins and make my own choice. Make sure foods that are imported are labeled imported and country of origin displayed on the packaging.

  • I’m on the Trump train, been on it from the beginning, dont let us down Mr President! Let’s make America great again just as you’ve promised! Let our farmers do what they do best FARM! # USA!!

  • We need to take action sooner then later and stop imported beef. We have enough beef right here in our own country!! Why is is it that everything else you pick up in our food chain has a country of origin except beef??? Who has been paid off to do this?? I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy pork, do you know every label that I picked up is a branch of Smithfield a Chinese owned company. How sad to think we have to have a Chinese owned company take over our pork production. What is going to be next?? Wake up and do something about all of this. I know the agricultural community a very small minority but we are a very strong minority. We are the people who have fed others for 100’s of years!! And we are still feeding others!!! Please hear our plea!!!

  • The things happening in “our” America are unbelievable. AMERICA FIRST!! We are and always have been a country
    of working people: If you want something done, go do it. Our government has gotten soooo large; it is truly untenable.
    We – all Americans – must come together; be the force we can be. We can and have produced an unlimited food supply.
    REGULATORS DON’T STOP THIS PROCESS! Stop regulating the regulators that regulate any and everything.

    We are a country based on Christian values. God says to work and take care of our needs and that of our “brother”.
    Remember, a government/country of the people, for the people and by the people. Folks that is US! If you are NOT concerned, you should be; we have no choice. WE MUST COME TOGETHER. We can not sit on the fence; we are either going backward or forward. Stay alert; know what is happening in the communities and at the government level.
    No action is truly “an action”. We are free. Do we want to stay free? (That word free has been used with little meaning.
    When citizens and government legislators propose everything “free”, we MUST be alarmed. We have rights but nothing
    is free; someone has to provide, pay, etc.

    Nothing is impossible with God. Let’s be on our knees asking for guidance, direction, blessings. Then — let’s do whatever
    we should do to maintain America as we know her and as she has been and can continue to be.

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