R-CALF “deeply disappointed” in the passage of USMCA

The head of R-CALF USA says the organization is disappointed in the passage of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Bill Bullard tells Brownfield the agreement is identical to the 25-year-old NAFTA agreement for the beef industry and it still doesn’t benefit American cattle producers.  “We recognize that this agreement was a huge boon for multi-national meatpackers that will now be able to continue sourcing cattle and beef from an inventory that is now 31 percent larger,” he says.  “Because they’re able to throw in the sizes of the herds of both Canada and Mexico.”

Bullard says the only way for US cattle producers to be competitive in this new era of the USMCA is to reinstate mandatory country of origin labeling.  “We are already in the progress of seeking out members of Congress who recognize US cattle producers are significantly disadvantaged under the USMCA,” he says.  “They will need new tools – to be competitive even in their own market.”

The Senate passed the US Mexico Canada Agreement Thursday morning with a vote of 89-10.  The agreement now heads to the President’s desk for signature.

AUDIO: Bill Bullard, R-CALF USA on the passage of the USMCA

  • A waste of time forcing country of orgin on the label . I don’t think the consumers cares at all if meat came from a calf born in Mexico or Iowa . Or if the breed of the beef first originated from Scotland or Texas . Maybe it would be unconstitutional to take check off money out farmers cattle checks If farmers and Ranchers think they would like more money why don’t they try to stop unauthorized promoters taking their money with stupid check off schemes

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