“Quality Beef by the Numbers” launched

With the goal of helping cattle producers achieve higher quality beef that is graded Choice or Prime – the University of Missouri College of Agriculture (CAFNR) has started the Quality Beef by the Numbers project. Project director Mike Kasten tells Brownfield Midwest producers are on track to produce higher quality beef – and over the last 10 years opportunities have grown for a grid marketing system such as this. And, he adds, the demand for higher grades of beef keeps growing.

Kasten says, “We’re focusing on helping (producers) and facilitating them to put all these new technologies in place such as fixed time artificial insemination (AI), DNA testing, or testing of the genetic quality of feed stock so we can make selections and targeting a market for producing cattle that’ll generate a premium.”

The project involves leading Midwest beef producing and service companies. Among those working with University of Missouri scientists are Accelerated Genetics and Genex Cooperative, both in Wisconsin, and Certified Angus Beef of Wooster, Ohio.

Missouri officials also announced today a major grant award to fund the study of genetic improvements in beef cattle and increase breeding efficiency. The USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture has awarded the $3 Million grant to the University of Missouri for researchers “to determine if specific genes play a role in breeding problems and other issues in the cattle industry.”

The University of Missouri says cattle ranchers in Missouri breed 2-Million cows a year but 85 to 90 percent of those cattle actually birth a calf.


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