Prop 12 solutions beyond EATS Act

Congressional opponents of California’s Proposition 12 are considering alternative solutions for pork producers if federal legislation fails.

U.S. House Agriculture Committee member Angie Craig tells Brownfield the EATS Act, which would prevent states from regulating interstate trade and agricultural practices, faces significant hurdles in Congress.

“Look, this has been such a challenging time for pork producers around the country. And there are a couple of things that me and my team have been looking at. Number one, are there grant dollars that we can put together to help them comply? California is a big market.”

The Minnesota Democrat says she’s concerned about the impact Prop 12 could have on pork exports because a lot of product goes through California.

“So is there a way that we can help get that pork through California just for exports? So there’s some things we’re looking at if we can’t address the broader issue that would be helpful I think to pork producers.”

Brownfield interviewed Craig following a meeting with her Farmer Advisory Council Thursday in Farmington, Minnesota.

There’s been ongoing debate in Washington about whether the EATS Act should be included in the next farm bill.

  • Isn’t this simply an issue of interference with interstate commerce?

    One state (CA) unilaterally dictating to all other states what those states can do.

    Supreme Court could rule on this if brought to them.

    • Hi Bob, SCOTUS did rule on Prop 12 and basically said it’s up to Congress to address California’s law. The legislation referred to in the story (EATS Act) would do that, but as we’ve reported the bill faces quite a bit of opposition.

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