Prop 12 battle likely to be drawn out

The CEO of the Minnesota Pork Producers does not anticipate a quick resolution for opponents of California’s Proposition 12.

The measure, which goes into effect in January, establishes new standards for livestock confinement and bans the sale of products that don’t comply with those standards.

David Preisler tells Brownfield Prop 12 impacts pig farmers across the U.S.

“We understand that states can govern their own people, we get that. And that does happen everyday. It’s a different thing though when a state chooses to enact something that’s going to regulate how business is done outside their state.”

He says that’s why ag groups like the National Pork Producers Council, American Farm Bureau, and North American Meat Institute have filed lawsuits against California.

“Obviously it’s the first step in filing the lawsuit. I don’t expect any sort of resolution soon. I fully expect they would end up going through the appeals process, so this is going to take some time.”

Preisler says the California Legislature could overturn Prop 12, but it would take an 80 percent vote.  He calls that virtually impossible.

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