Profit margins tighten for farmers who are concerned about inputs, commodities

Uncertainty in the grain markets and rising input costs for the next growing season have some farmers rethinking their marketing plan.

Anne Meis farms near the North Central Nebraska town of Elgin and says profit margins are tightening. “The input costs have gone up significantly so always looking at what price do we need to generate that profit that we need and if we see that keep moving some of the grain throughout the year and get a good average and if we see prices where we’re going to make a profit, we need to sell some,” Meis says. 

She tells Brownfield her top concern is the volatility in the commodity market. “Are these markets going to stay up?” she says. “They keep moving the numbers of what crop was really out there last year and what’s expected this year. Always that nervousness of are these prices going to stay up through the year?”

Meis says they’ve harvested their best soybean crop every, which helps offset other expenses.

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