Prevented plant acres in 2019 could lead to more corn in 2020

A district sales manager with Ohio-based Seed Consultants says many growers in his area are planning to plant more corn acres this year.

Bryan Smith says the amount of prevented planting acres in the eastern corn belt last year is driving that decision.

“We’re seeing a big increase in corn, especially in northeastern Indiana, but I think that has a lot to do with prevented planting acres,” he says. “More growers are looking at putting out corn since we didn’t get that much out last year. Northwestern Ohio is the same way – they had a huge amount of prevented planting acres last year and we’re seeing a big increase in corn on that side.”  

He says growers are also concerned about weed pressure on those prevented planting acres.

“A lot of growers are having pressure with waterhemp, giant ragweed, and marestail and are getting away from Roundup and going toward Liberty or Extend or the new Enlist products,” he says. “So, I think that’s on their mind- wondering how they can control those tough to get weeds.”

Brownfield interviewed Smith at the Fort Wayne Farm Show.

Seed Consultants Winter Agronomy meetings are going on now through February 6.

Audio: Bryan Smith, Seed Consultants

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