Potential showdown in House involving climate change, indirect land use

A potential showdown is brewing in the House of Representatives betweenfarm state lawmakers and supporters of climate change legislation.

The House Agriculture Committee, led by chair Collin Peterson, has introduced a bill called “The Renewable Fuel Standard Improvement Act”. The legislation would take indirect land use out of theEPA’s calculations of the carbon footprint of biofuels.

Peterson tells Agriculture Online that until that legislation becomes law, he will work to defeat any climate change legislation on the floor of the House of Representatives. Peterson and other supporters of biofuelsare unhappy with what they say were four “last-minute changes” to the 2007 energy bill. One was using indirect land use to calculate greenhouse gas emissions emissions from biofuels. The three other last-minute changes made it harder to produce biomass for cellulosic ethanol.

In the Senate, South Dakota Senator John Thune has introduced a different bill that would take indirect land use out of EPA’s calculations.

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