Potential Mexican trade dispute is about principle

An ag trade expert says a potential dispute with Mexico has more to do with upholding agreements rather than lost markets.

Former Chief Ag Negotiator for the US Trade Representative’s office Gregg Doud tells Brownfield, “This I think is more of a conversation about helping the Mexican administration and leadership understand that when you sign on to a trade agreement with the United States, you have to do what’s actually in the trade agreement,” he says.

Doud says Mexico and other trading partners need to be held accountable for upholding agricultural technology provisions in agreements, , “The way forward is the use of more technology in agriculture, not less and that’s going to be better for consumers, not worse,” he says.

Now the chief economist with Ohio-based Aimpoint Research, Doud says more work needs to be done to educate about the benefits of technology.

Brownfield’s Nicole Heslip spoke with Doud the recent Great Lakes Crop Summit.

Brownfield’s Nicole Heslip speaks with Gregg Doud from Aimpoint Research

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