Porter says most corn crops looking really good

A Missouri farmer who has just been re-elected to the National Corn Board during Corn Congress says he’s looking forward to a very good yield this year. Gary Porter farms in north central Missouri near the Iowa border.

“The kernels were 20 rows around the ear and I thought, that’s great. That’s what I wanted to see. Then I counted the kernels long and it was 44 kernels long. And if you multiply that out with your population, it’s over 200 bushels an acre and so I’m really excited to see what happens.”

Porter checks the drought monitor every week and says he’s concerned about quite a few growers in the western Corn Belt, including the southwest corner of Missouri.

“So, I feel for those guys out there. I talk to them on the phone a bit. They’ll tell me how dry it is. They haven’t had a rain since May or something and it’s just like, wow. I feel so sorry for ‘em.”

But, he says the corn crop is looking up everywhere else, “Then I talk to a friend out in Maryland or Pennsylvania or Texas, you know, and they’re getting good rain. And a friend of mine out in Illinois and he says crops are looking sensational. So, I think, overall, there’s a lot of good crops except for where that drought monitor is showing the drought over there in the west.”

Porter says his farm got about three inches of rain this week which was a nice boost.

Interview with Gary Porter ^^

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