Pork producers increase spending on foreign marketing

Pork producers are investing more on developing overseas markets because of what those markets mean in value.  Craig Morris with the National Pork Board tells Brownfield production of pork, beef, chicken and turkey will be greater in 2018.

“Moving that product internationally is going to be very important,” Morris told Brownfield Ag News at the Illinois Pork Expo, “because there’s just so much center-of-the-plate available domestically.”

2017 figures indicate that exports contributed $53.18 to the value of each hog marketed in the past year, said Morris.

“Because of that, the board increased their investment in international marketing by fully 9 percent into 2018, to roughly $6.7 million,”  he said, “and that 9 percent increase into 2018 was on the heels of a 13 percent increase into 2017.”

Exports to the United States’ largest pork customer, China, fell by 15 percent this past year, according to Morris, but in spite of that, he said overall exports were up by 9 percent.

AUDIO: Craig Morris (5 min. MP3)

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