Planting behind in Northern Minnesota and North Dakota

Planting progress is behind in northern Minnesota and North Dakota.

Channel technical agronomist Derek Crompton is based in the Fargo/Moorhead area and says there was near-record snowfall this winter.

“And I think a lot of us anticipated ‘are we ever going to get in the field with those conditions?’ But we had a nice melt and (the snow) came off really nicely and fairly quickly, but it’s been a real mixed bag.”

He tells Brownfield parts of northern Minnesota and western North Dakota have been dry.

“But then you get into the middle part of North Dakota, roughly from Minot all the way down through south of Jamestown and they’ve gotten up to five inches of rain. So it’s a real mixed bag out there on the progress people have made so far.”

Crompton says most corn farmers in the north will stick with their full season maturities until around May 25th.

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