Plant-based burger has broad appeal, but restaurant sued over preparation practices

A new study shows 90% of consumers choosing meatless alternatives made from plants are not vegetarian or vegan.  Researchers at The NPD Group say flavor profile and texture are key to the product’s success.  The report says consumers want options, even if they haven’t cut meat from their diets.

Meanwhile, a consumer of a plant-based burger patty has sued the restaurant that served it.  Phillip Williams is among the 10% that choose to eat a vegan diet. He says he would not have paid a premium price for Burger King’s Impossible Whopper if he knew it was cooked on the same grill as real meat.  He claims Burger King contaminated the Impossible Whopper patty with beef juices.  The imitation patty can reportedly be prepared in a microwave oven.

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for more than twenty five years, and I wonder why burger king thinks a fake meat burger is going to make me want their food… especially since it replicates meat.
    Regarding the grill, it’s a really big deal and can make people like me who haven’t eaten meat in so long super sick.

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