Pillen proposes massive property tax plan during state of state address

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen has proposed more than $7 billion of property tax relief for residents and agriculture producers.

In his state of the state address on Wednesday, he says property taxes are burdensome and hurting residents. “I am recommending to the Legislature an additional $2.4 billion in property tax cuts for a total of $7.1 billion through fiscal year 2026-27.”

His budget proposal would also include an additional $390 million for the property tax credit relief fund and it would adjust how community colleges and public schools are funded.

And, Pillen says, he will change how agriculture land is valued while capping the amount local governments can levy for taxes. “By changing this from market-based, income-based assessments and capping ag land valuation growth, we can cut property tax and keep government growth in check kind of like living within our government means at home.”

Pillen’s budget also includes $524 million to study and construct the Perkins County Canal.

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