Phase One trade deal is a start, but there’s more that could be done

Progress is being made in finalizing the “Phase One” trade deal.

Ian Sheldon, a professor and the Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade, and Policy at Ohio State University, discusses what could be in the agreement.

“They’re going to pause the increase in tariffs and we’ve actually seen that, secondly there’s an expectation that there really will be concessions on the enforcement of intellectual property rights, and third the Chinese in principle have made commitments on agricultural imports,” he says.

China has also made currency commitments. But he says there are still some concerns.

“Nothing is being done to address the use of subsidies targeted to state-owned enterprises,” he says. “That was the reason we started the trade war in the first place. This is all about dumping and use countervailing duties and it’s not even mentioned in any of the press releases coming out of the administration.”

Sheldon spoke at the 2019 Ohio State University Ag Policy and Outlook Conference.

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