Peterson says it took a miracle to get farm bill done

The Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee says it took a miracle to get the 2018 Farm Bill done.

Minnesota Democrat Collin Peterson says the farm bill almost fell apart completely last Wednesday.

“Because (the Republicans) added this Yemen language in the middle of the night.”

Peterson says Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to preclude the House from voting on whether Saudi Arabia should be allowed in Yemen.

“I got a call at noon on Wednesday when we’re going to bring the (farm) bill up on the floor, and the chairman says ‘if you don’t get me some Democrats this rule is going to fail.’  And if the rule would’ve failed, that meant we couldn’t bring the farm bill up.”

He says that would’ve pushed a full vote on the farm bill to this week.

“And if we’d got kicked over into this week, with this government shutdown and all this other stuff going on, in my opinion it would’ve never happened.”

Peterson says he was able to get enough Democrats to vote with Republicans, and the farm bill was passed by Congress.  President Trump is expected to sign it into law Thursday.

Peterson made these comments during Brownfield affiliate KASM’s Focus on Farming program Tuesday morning in Albany, Minnesota.





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