Pesticide labeling bill introduced in House

A U.S. Congressman from South Dakota is sponsoring a bill with U.S. Congressman Jim Costa from California that restricts states from issuing different labeling requirements for pesticides.

Dusty Johnson says the Agricultural Labeling Uniformity Act requires product labels to be based on science.

“Unfortunately, there are states finding loopholes and it’s creating a fair amount of confusion across the country.”

American Soybean Association’s Director of Government Affairs Kyle Kunkler says California wants to add a health warning label to glyphosate saying the product could cause cancer, but science doesn’t support the claim.

He says if California allowed to create its own label, it could set a precedence.

“If you have 20 to 30 states that all of a sudden start imposing all of their different requirements and they’re not consistent with each other, pretty quickly there’s an unworkable label there and it’s really hard to put all of those on the same package.”

Kunkler says the ASA is supportive of the legislation and joined 360 state and national agricultural organizations in a letter to House and Senate leadership asking them to support the legislation.

Johnson tells Brownfield the bill could be a good fit in the next farm bill.

  • they can call it whatever they want. the point of the exercise is the same. Destabilize the electorate. People, especially those who vote are the target for steering the conversation. The more they destabilize, the more they control. Political types are running military styled covert operations against We The People. If every State has a different solution for every issue raised, there is no United States and the criminals win. If that is what our best and brightest want, they will have it. I’m a 7th generation American…I’ll stand my ground with or with out you.

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