Parson on new federal broadband dollars

The USDA is spending nearly 61 million dollars to help build and boost broadband infrastructure in more than 11,000 homes and 80 farms in rural Missouri. Governor Mike Parson says not filling the broadband gap in today’s world is unacceptable.

“The reality of it is, a lot of people want to provide service where it’s easy pickin,’ where you make money. But, you know what? If the rural co-ops can get electricity to every house in the state of Missouri, then we can get broadband to every house and every business in the state of Missouri.”

The federal funds will NOT completely fund the rural broadband gap in the state.

USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development D.J. LaVoy, who joined Parson for the announcement in Trenton, Missouri, says broadband is a door opener. The funding through the federal ReConnect program is also going toward a number of businesses, schools and hospitals in rural Missouri.

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