Organic farms, supporters file an official complaint against Danone

More than 77-hundred organic dairy farmers, consumers, and supporters in the northeastern U.S. have filed a formal complaint against Danone North America.  The group claims Danone’s Horizon Organic violated the B-corporation Declaration of Interdependence guidelines they say are required for B-corporations.

Horizon Organic notified 89 dairy farms in August they would terminate contracts in August of 2022, saying the farms no longer fit their manufacturing footprint.  The farms are also impacted by long routes for milk haulers and a shortage of drivers.

Petitioners say the decision to leave the entire region violates a commitment to conducting business as if people and place mattered, and violates Nanone’s corporate policy to do no harm and benefit all through their products, practices, and profits.

A dozen organic producer groups have also signed onto the complaint.

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